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اطلاع رسانی در خصوص شرکتهای دارای نام مشابه با " شرکت صنایع آهن و فولاد توس "
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مشتریان گرامی ؛

با توجه به اعلام قیمت ازسوی برخی سایتها و شبکه های اجتماعی دارای نام مشابه با " شرکت صنایع آهن و فولاد توس " در فضای مجازی بدین وسیله اعلام میشود این شرکت تاکنون در سایت خود و یا دیگر سایتها و شبکه های اجتماعی هیچگونه اعلام قیمت و یا اعلام موجودی کالای قابل فروش نداشته و کسب اطلاعات در خصوص قیمت و موجودی کالا تنها از طریق تماس تلفنی با شماره های واحد فروش (05136055540 -05136075540-05136054848)میسرمیباشد؛ گفتنی است مسئولیت ناشی ازخرید ازسایتهاو شرکتهای فوق برعهده خریدار می باشد. 


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Toos Iron and Steel Industries Co



     Toos Iron and Steel Industries Co. as one of the first service centers of Mobarakeh Steel Complex, commenced its activity in order to provide conversion services and distribute products in eastern region of country in 1993. During its activity, always, being raised as one of the most indicators and most equipped service centers of Mobarakeh Steel Complex.

    By having the most diverse and advanced service lines of steel products in the east and relying on reverse engineering and technical expert employees, the company could achieve remarkable  progresses in distributing and providing steel productions, controlling the local market and providing raw materials of industrial unit lines of slab production since the beginning of its activity until now. Having up-to-the-minute technical knowledge, commitment and professional business ,self believing, relying on talent and authority of interior staff and being accurate in using opportunities as well as providing quality services are its consumers  advantages. It also includes considerable foreign currency and rial saving for company that can be observed in some instances such as manufacturing sheetlines and optimizing them, designing and upgrading slitting lines by reverse engineering , manufacturing equipment, needed for steel service companies such as tilter ,ceiling cranes with different tonnage , installing import slit lines without dependence  on foreign experts.

    The successful resume of company results in having high volume of bank credits and it is considered by different banks as a reliable client for granting foreign currency and rial credit lines. Years of experience in continuous improvement and offering new services have turned this company to a symbol of success among other service centers and always is a sample for managers , experts and industrial activists.

    The production site of this company built on a 30 square kilometer land, has 8500 meter warehouse and production salon ,330 meter official building ,60 ton pulling trailers weighbridge, cutting-to-length lines of hot-coil , pickled-coil and cold-coil, cutting-to width lines of hot-coil , pickled ,cold and so forth, 6 meter guillotine and 2 meter guillotine machine , PRESS BRAKE ,open sinus profile production line.

    These facilities have made the company able to unloading, loading, accumulating and providing   conversion services of about 100000 tons per year.

    - Conversion services of company in wide range such as conversion coil to sheet, coil to coil (slitting, weight 

losing ) , cutting of guillotine, produce  sinusoidal profiles(shutters) and etc is as follows:

    - Conversion of cold, galvanized, colored coils to sheet with 3 mm thickness by means of 3 sheet lines                 

    - Conversion of heavy-weight hot coil to sheet with about 16 mm thickness by 3 sheet lines   

    - Conversion of pickled and hot coils to sheet with 5mm thickness.     

    - slitting of cold, galvanized and pickled coils to coils lighter than 0.6 mm to 3.7 mm thickness in Durmech made in England with speed of 300 m per minute and error tolerance of near zero with possibility of preparation of two shafts for setting with different sizes during work.     

     - slitting of cold-coil, galvanized , pickled and hot coil  by two slitting  lines to coil lighter than 1.5 mm to 3.7 mm

     - Conversion of hot and pickled coils to narrow slit from 1.5 mm to maximum 4 mm thickness by German device named Sundwig for making straps of products packaging.   

     - Conversion of tinplate coil to sheet with range of 0.18 mm to 0.35 mm thickness by Chinese automatic CSS-1 machine with speed of 80 m per minute.

     - Two guillotine sets with 6-meter and 2-meter opening and ability of guillotine sheet to 2 cm

     - One sinusoidal profiles (shutters) produce device with maximum 12 meters length  ,from 0.5 mm thickness up to 1.5 mm

        Other equipment of warehouses of production salons of company are as follows:

      Tilter ,c-hook, two 32-ton cranes sets ,one 20-ton crane set , one 10-ton crane set, two 10-ton crane sets, one 4.5-ton crane set , one 30-ton shop crane ,turning machines and a digital 60-ton Weighbridge.
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